Limited Editions The giclée limited edition reproduction is a way for a collector to acquire a painting that is not otherwise available, or does not fit their budget. It is also an inexpensive and satisfying way to get started collecting art, enjoy art in a cottage or public place, give a gift or just make a fun purchase. Giclée limited edition reproductions can appreciate in value but not by as much as original art appreciates. Purchasing original art remains a prudent and pleasant investment in any market. All limited edition giclée reproductions are created with archival inks on special non acidic canvas and stretched and mounted with finished edges, ready for framing or hanging unframed. Each is numbered and signed. A finishing varnish protects them from moisture and UV light. The number of giclee reproductions is limited to a maximum of 30 each. Any painting in Gallery One and Gallery Two as well as the paintings on this page may be ordered as giclée reproductions. A reproduction may be ordered in a variety of sizes. Please ask. An order takes 2-3 weeks. Price range $45 – $900.

Note: shown below are thumbnail details. Click image to view entire painting.

Kathy on location in the High Arctic