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Beautiful publications of Kathy’s Art to purchase for yourself or as a treasured gift.

Cube Gallery Exhibition Catalogue:

Full colour catalogue of Kathy’s June/July 2018 solo exhibition “Up Country” at Cube Gallery, Ottawa. Twenty full pages of artwork, a collector’s keepsake and valued gift.

Hardcover: $55.00
Softcover: $40.00
To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com

Wild Women, Painters of the Wilderness

Wild Women are Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock and Linda Sorensen. A beautiful art book with a message. Rich with paintings, photos and fascinating text. Published by Inanna Press 2014. Second printing 2017. 121 pages.

Price: $35.00
To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com or View publisher

The Artists of Algonquin

Kathy is one of 31 contemporary artists, all wild with passion for the Algonquin landscape. Artwork with brief biographies. By Andrea Hillo with introduction by Robert Bateman.  71 pages.

Price: $40.00
To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com or www.artistsofalgonquin.ca

On Site with Maurice Haycock, Artist of the Arctic

Paintings and drawings of historic sites in the Canadian Arctic, by Maurice Haycock. Accompanied by text illuminating historic Inuit settlement, European exploration and Maurice’s personal experiences related to the sites. His original manuscript was assembled and prepared for publication by daughter Kathy Haycock. 112 pages.

Price: $30.00
To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com

1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

“Pine Lookout” 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle, 19.5 x 27.5 inches. One in a series depicting the Algonquin area wilderness by Wild Women, Painters of the Wilderness. Algonquin Puzzle Company. Puzzle solvers will appreciate all details of the art: colours, composition and brushwork.

Price $30.00  To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com or Algonquin Puzzle Company on Facebook.

2019 Desk Calendar

12 months of Kathy’s art. Lovely at home and office, plus perfect for gifting.

Price $15.00
To order: kathy@kmhaycock.com

To receive information, reserve or purchase copies, please email: kathy@kmhaycock.com